Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Purpose: to help connect the White Rock Community with local services and businesses.  Please read below.

Team Claude is proud to offer you the opportunity to be part of the DISCOVER WHITE ROCK APP.  

The intention of this App is to be a one stop connection your #SHOPLocal business and to get you more exposure and customers.  It is to have preferred and quality businesses that people in White Rock know they can trust to provide excellent Service.  Included below are some terms and conditions to be part of the App.  

Team Claude looks forward to hearing about the success stories and helping our community get connected!


Claude Choiselat RE/MAX Performance

Terms, Conditions, & Code of Ethics

1. I will provide good service to the best of my ability.

2. I understand there are no proprietary rights to DISCOVER WHITE ROCK APP.  Claude Choiselat is the sole owner.

3. I understand that if my business is deemed to no longer to be in good standing my business may be removed from the app without recourse.

4. There is no cost to being part of the app.  It is encouraged to advertise on the app for $50 month a few times a year.  All proceeds go to: advertising, downloading the app, marketing discounts you are able to offer, design and development.

5. I will promote the app to: my network of friends, family, employees and customers/clients.  I understand the success of the app also depends on my participation.

6. When possible I will provide a promotion.  This promotion can be redeemed by showing proof of the downloaded app by the customer.

7. I can stop participation at any time by emailing: discoverwhiterock@gmail.com It may take up to 7 business days to remove your business.

8.  I understand that Claude Choiselat is providing good will with the DISCOVER WHITE ROCK APP and committed to showcasing the benefits of choosing local businesses.  His ultimate commitment to the public is providing reliable and trusted recommendations.